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Feb. 27th, 2022

queen beyond compare

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Aug. 9th, 2011

the good old days

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aaah I have been so bad at updating this this summer. I am only good at writing about my ~feelings~ it seems.

tumblr has sort of sucked my soul (check me out: pasket.tumblr.com). Other than that, I've been sucked in by netflix and video games. Standard summer. I watched alllll of AtLA just in time to get swept up in Korra news, then watched the Last Airbender movie (which was so terrible I actually got a few hearty belly-laughs from it), and then, at the behest of my not-really-sister-in-law, I watched Sherlock, which is fantastic. Such a wonderful adaptation! And Martin Freeman is such an adorable, frumpily dressed Watson, I do love him.

As for video games, I've been playing a lot of FF as I seem to do every summer, mostly multiples of four. I'm at Mt. Ordeals in FFIV (on my DS), disc 2 in VIII (it froze up on me today, so frustrating!), and doing a lot of sidequesting in XII. I finally beat the Shadowseer (it wasn't too bad until it summoned Phoenix, damn) and got Zodiark. Zodiark was such a fun battle. I almost had my ass handed to me, but then Vaan, the last member of the party alive (and the most underleveled by four or five levels at least) struck a fatal blow with scathe. I was yelling at the screen the entire time (slightly embarrassing) but it was such fun. I appreciate that the sidequests in XII are very well spaced, leveling wise. In XIII, it seems like you can do a whole bunch of hunts at a certain level range, and then you have to grind forever in a single area to get to the next group of hunts. XII seems much better spaced, with good areas to level even when you started reaching the 70s and 80s.

I also opened up my Memoria file of FFIX. I forgot how stunning Memoria was, all sorts of stairs and broken architecture-y things and that one room with the rain. I beat Hades (finally) but was then thoroughly trounced by Trance Kuja, alas.

I've also been reading The Golden Compass at an inexcusably slow pace. It's very good; I love the steam punk-y elements, and I just adore Lyra. Perhaps I'll have some more intelligent things to say once I finish it, but for now, it must suffice to say that I'm enjoying it thoroughly.

Jul. 13th, 2011

my most cherished

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A Dance With Dragons is finally out and quickly consuming my life. Dad offered to pick the book up for me yesterday, but I would have none of it; I and I alone would receive such precious cargo. And receive it I did, as soon as Barnes and Noble opened. I actually arrived too early and had to sit around in the parking lot for a little bit. Breathing heavily. I was the first person to get one at our Barnes and Noble--they had to crack open the box of preorders for me, which made me ridiculously happy. Then I sat around the store for a little bit, making strange noises of delight (and breathing heavily) until I had calmed down enough to drive home. And then I had to continually chasten myself for driving too fast. I generally drive like a senior citizen, but I was risking a ticket at times to get home and read Dance. And from that time on, I've just been reading.
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Jul. 6th, 2011

queen beyond compare

Game of Thrones

In honor of A Dance With Dragons coming out in a week (so happy I could diiiiie!!!), I’m going to talk a little about the Game of Thrones TV series. Basically, it was everything I had hoped for. Not totally flawless, but I am still ridiculously in love with it. It was as if someone had taken the images in my head as I read the book and filmed them and edited in more boobs and then showed them on TV.

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Mar. 26th, 2011

a year better than the last

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RIP Geraldine Ferraro

Maybe I will have more to say about this when I have my feelings sorted out, but right now I can only say thank you, for the barriers you broke; and sorry, that you never lived to see a woman in the Oval Office.

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